Looking for chill near retirement type alliance

So I still play this game quite actively but occasionally after months of grinding I'll slack slightly in aq and end up getting kicked from Alliances. So if there's any groups out there that are looking for a decent prestige addition who plays a decent amount then hmu. Line and ign Raymonoodl3z


  • QueenNJAHQueenNJAH Posts: 94
    Hello! [NJAH!] is a 26 mil alliance Looking to replace some alts in our battlegroups. Only requirement is AQ maps 4/4/3 with epic and master mods. Previously 5/4/4 may go back to that at some point. We try to put people in a battlegroup which matches their time commitment and skill level. AW is optional with one battlegroup. Discord for comm. We score about 120mil + in aq and get about 3k glory a week. This is a perfect alliance for veteran players tired of the grind, or want to work on end game content without having to worry about a huge AQ or AW commitment but still want glory. We are a relaxed but efficient adult alliance of long time players. No jumpers please, if you don’t plan on staying for a bit please don’t join. Pm me here or ingame if interested @aikochristine.
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    Hey man,

    I have sent you an in game friend request. Our ally could be a good fit.

    Search Bulmkt in game
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