Frustrating six-star Nexus decision

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I was lucky in that I bought a cavalier crystal and ended up with a six-star nexus crystal. I’m half-disappointed I didn’t have a dream roll, but it could have been much worse. Which should I choose?

Frustrating six-star Nexus decision 56 votes

Terrax (have as 5-star)
danielmathyuw10or_StrongThoye3Rouger4swmcswDönermino2401 8 votes
Proxima Midnight (don’t have as 5)
abn86ReferenceUnidentifiedCreatureTheAngryOneTheKillerSpork_Sham_Renaxqqodishika123Gr8TonyStarkDragfire1760 10 votes
Heimdall (don’t have as 5)
zuffyGK_23SungjRasiloverAdvrcm2017GoddessIliasManar198xRookiieKill_GreyTripleUkapkacciTrubluMateOmedennParam1988Hazzalec1HieitakuVendemiaireTrashyPandaAgent_X_zzz 38 votes
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  • ShaqatacShaqatac Posts: 240
    Heimdall (don’t have as 5)
    Heimdall is very uselful to have for synergies
  • TrashyPandaTrashyPanda Posts: 1,400 ★★★★
    Heimdall (don’t have as 5)
    Heimdall's synergies are clutch and some people still haven't gotten him. He's not as good in a fight as Prox, but I'd rather take him now than run the risk.

    Besides, out of the 3 he's most likely to be buffed.
  • TrubluMateTrubluMate Posts: 190 ★★
    Heimdall (don’t have as 5)
    Heimdall can help so much in Act 6 and 7, but so can Proxima if you have Corvus (evade paths). Overall I would probably choose Heimdall
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