Who is more useful in Act 5.3 and 5.4?

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Yesterday after grinding units from arena I opened a 5* basic and pulled Stark Spidey (pretty good as I had Tech T4CC overflow). I took him to rank 3. I already have Corvus(unduped) and Ægon(sig 70) at rank 3. Who should I rank4?
It is an important decision for me as I form Tier2 Alphas slowly and I am uncollected and will start 5.3 some time later.
Thank You :smiley:


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    Stark spidey.

    I would only rank up Corvus further if you run suicides. Aegon is really good but he’ll kill act 5 fights before he can ramp up so I wouldn’t rank 4 him for act 5. Definitely do it later on though. Stark spidey is really good and benefits the most for your current roster if you take him to rank 4.
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