Act 5.2.4. Help please

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I'm on act 5.2.4, the masochism node, and am getting a bit stuck. First of all, what are some good champions that I can use? Second of all, the first fight on the easy path is a yellowjacket. Now that he has been buffed he is so much more annoying. How do I fight him and who do I bring? When I block or dex his sp1 I still get power stinged and randomly during the fight I just start taking damage. I have no Idea how to counter him so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Just do a fight over and over again until you get the hang of it.

    With YJ you want to end combos at 4 hits and dash back, so you can dex his Sp1. Or just push him to sp2. When his charge things are yellow, don’t touch him.

    There are lots of counters to it. Just practice. Champs that have heal block, or guaranteed debuffs work well.
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    Good luck, sorry though no great advice. I used NF if that helps at all. This was the toughest chapter for me, I hope ya succeed.
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    Masochism node is simple, use a champion dat applies alot of debuffs and the fight will be like normal, champion like NF, AA,HT, sunspot are your best bet. And wen fighting never assume that your party will stick, always have your gaurd up
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    Okay, thanks everyone! I'll try that and let you guys know how it goes!!
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    If you have Ghost it's easy. If not, try to intercept rather than parry and it'll become better to handle.
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    Cheers guys. Here are some screenshots of my roster:
    image" alt="" />

    Yellowjacket is by far the most annoying. I think I should be able to handle most of the other fights but it's the yellowjacket. Even if I dex his sp1 I still get power stinged? Anyway, thanks for all your help!
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    Sorry, don't know why some images came through as a link?
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    Try YJ with Ghost (Phase, let him miss once or twice then hit a Medium attack, then Phase again) or with Proxima (guaranteed Parry stuns).

    Remember you can:

    -Push him to SP2, that one is much easier to dodge
    -Block all hits from SP1, then you lose less HP and don't get power sting

    If you don't feel comfortable dodging SP1 (as many ppl pointed out, you don't want to perform a MLLLM combo but a MLLL-dash back combo), don't try do dodge it and take a bit of block damage instead. Taking it to the face is a lot worse than into block.
  • LivingAfroLivingAfro Posts: 94
    I do sometimes try and block his attacks but still get power stinged? Do you know how I can get past this?
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    The trick is to bring a champ that applies debuffs then once the cool down happens that’s when you get your damage in. It’s actually not too bad once you get around it.
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    Use AA to shut down YJ. You just need to apply more neuros, Guilly when ramped up can out damage the node. Hyperion, Ghost, Longshot, ramped up Aegon, HT against mystics. Basically champions that can do a lot of damage. Also bring White mags, Use his prefight for the YJ, The fight where you need to ramp up Guilly and one more difficult fight. The increased ability accuracy also helps AA a lot
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    Okay, tysm! I don't have white mags tho unfortunately :( Will try everything else tho so thanks for the advice. Hopefully I can get through within the next few days
  • ChikelChikel Posts: 1,994 ★★★★

    Okay, tysm! I don't have white mags tho unfortunately :( Will try everything else tho so thanks for the advice. Hopefully I can get through within the next few days

    Not even as a 3* or 2*? You only need his prefight and synergy.
  • LivingAfroLivingAfro Posts: 94
    I'm not sure. I'll have a look. Thank you bro
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