Masochism not working as intended

Took the masochism path in AQ and got wrecked. Hard. I've taken the path many times but today was a buggy mess.

Sometimes parry wouldn't trigger the node, even though the stun debuff was applied. Sometimes it did trigger. Despite that, this wasn't the eyebrow raising problem.

Used medusa Vs ghost rider. At this point I had lost two champs to passive buggy dormmamu, so had no choice. Same again, some parries applied stun and others didn't. For clarity, this is when the masochism is not refreshing. I.e. when the grey timer icon isn't active. I used medusa sp1 and just before the final hit, the window for masochism was active again (grey timer icon no longer displayed). What happened was armour shatter was "applied", but was immediately removed. But just the armour shatter debuff and not the other armour debuff (forget the name but she applies two when reaching over 5 armour breaks).

When the armour shatter debuff timer had run its course, I could no longer apply ANY armour breaks. Masochism wasn't being triggered and no armour breaks were being applied. I searched forums and another user has highlighted this too https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/1113585/#Comment_1113585.

Medusa armour shatter issue is a bug, 100%. The parry stun debuff inconsistency is the one which has me scratching my head. I run pacify mastery which effects ability accuracy whilst stunned, but that's the only thing I can think of which would have made parry inconsistent.


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    ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 651 ★★★
    Thought I was going crazy with capiw. When window was down I would apply 2 petrify and then parry when timer was up for more damage. Maschoist never triggered again.
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