5 mil Aussie/Kiwi alliance looking for 100k+ players

The Living Dead (KIWEE) is looking for Aussie/Kiwi players to join our active but chilled alliance. We are an intermediate level alliance with some very experienced players. We are all 18+ and use LINE for communications. Chat is always kept clean and respectful.
* AQ - 43322 (3BGs)
* AW - Tier 7 3 times a week (3BGs)
* Weekly SA
* Competition Event (15k minimum)
* Duel Event (650 minimum)

So If you are active/able and play in the Aussie/Kiwi timezone we would love to have you on board. Please send me a pm either in game or on LINE if you are interested or want to chat more.

IGN - The BiggerE
LINE ID - thebiggere



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