Specials are getting blocked again

I just tried FOUR special 1 attacks on Dormammu using Hulk and ALL got blocked. I used MLLLM combo and activated special attack right after without any delay.

Same thing happened in 4 star arena using Storm. Her SP2 attacks got blocked twice using same combo.

Also tried Storm on a due against Dormmamu, same thing on SP2. It gets blocked whatever you do.

@Kabam Miike please start an investigation on it.

Devices are:
LG G3 with Android 5.0
iPad Mini 2 with 10.3.3
Samsung S7 on Android 7.0


  • EgeCEgeC Posts: 128
    As additional info, Map 3 Hulk vs Dormammu was on iPad Mini, arena Storm on LG G3, Duel Storm vs Dormammu was on Samsung S7
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