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Parry timing

Does anyone else feel like parry isn’t as consistent after you’ve updated the game? I apologize if this has been discussed already.


  • LariatLariat Posts: 23
    Yes. Parry is terrible.....missing 50% that used to be fine
  • LariatLariat Posts: 23
    Wish I could post a video here
  • tbos42tbos42 Posts: 61
    I am exactly at about 50% from before update.. pathetic. This must be addressed.
  • MrjboydMrjboyd Posts: 32
    Parry isn't even registering. And dashing back doesn't work. Get the game fixed. And btw, you're 2500 5* shards **** is a slap in the face!! What about all the revives/ health everyone had to use while trying to manage to play this broken game!!
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