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Iron patriot meme champ

He's one of the top meme champ in game. Only ability he has is just a regeneration , which is of no use to a summoner. He doesn't hv any other ability, utility. I got him in 6* version and he's of no use to me.....


  • As kabam is getting buffed old champs . Kabam shoul also buff him as he's seem in movie
  • KingCybertronKingCybertron Posts: 91
    Actually Kabam isn't just buffing meme champions by changes in their kit(or overhauling their kit). They are giving some meme champions high dmg output through synergies which are released with every month's new champions.
    For e.g: Iron Patriot got his 'synergy buff'( a totally generic term made by me) from Red Goblin's synergy 'Osborn to be wild'.
    Reason behind I don't know but I speculated that it must lessen their burden.
  • But man it's not possible that everyone has synergy chamsp to make their meme champ useful
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