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Team Support Champions

We all know that Heimdall, as a standalone team member supports the team with a "get out of knockout free card", likewise Nick Fury provides an attack rating boost, & Guardian increases block proficiency. This months Event Quest taught me that Magneto (House of X) prefight, +15% attack rating & passive stun to #Metal/#Hero was a game changer against Jabari Panther. What other champs provide such interesting interactions that I may be missing that could assist with specific content? It would be nice to have a list!


  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,031 ★★★★★
    Nick fury and quake synergy is nice
    Mr. F I bring for doom sometimes
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    White Mag in this Cav EQ Jabari Panther fight, his pre-fight synergy with other champs can guarantee you a safe parry. No need revives.
  • Drew_D23Drew_D23 Posts: 101
    Mr. F is great for fights where the opponent has power gain or increase combat power rate. When you stack his Petrify and Suppression debuffs with the sp2, he deals with those fights with ease. You do have to get used to his heavy countering though because he doesn't have the most range. I am biased because I have a r2 6* version of him and most people wouldn't bring him to r2 but he helps me quite a bit.
  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 1,008 ★★★★
    I always bring my 5* deadpool xforce with nick fury whenever I'm running suicides to remove the bleed and give a little bit of heath to the other 3 at the start of fights. He's only rank 4 from a variant gem and does little
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    Mr F. Synergy with Doc Ock or She Hulk ( Vulture too, but meh) gives all Tech and Science Champs in the tean a pretty neat Power Sting, making it a great option for the power sting Incursion hacks, and other content. For example, in a full F4 + She Hulk, all champs get Power Sting.

    Another oft overlooked Mr. F. Synergy is the Night Thrasher & Angela one, gives Skill and Cosmic champs a Tigra-like ability to pause buffs when hitting the opponent. For example, in a Mr. F+ NIght Thrasher+ CGR team, CGR becomes even more ridiculously op, as it extends all his buffs plus the extended armor breaks.

    These are just some of the reasons I've always said that Mr. F. is a criminally overlooked and underrated champ, sure his damage is meh but he has heaps of utility, but as a support champ that's where he truly excels. Other good synergies from him are the Dr. Doom one , but even better is the Dragon Man one, making DM even more deadly and annoying as a defender than he already is.

    I've never understood why people complain from pulling him. I don't remember who, but there was a guy in this forum that kept complaining because he pulled a 6* Mr. F three times... man I would love to have that luck. The funny thing is the guy was after CGR... eventually got it, but I'm sure to this day the guy hasn't realized how that awesomely duped Mr. F could make his CGR even more deadly than it is.

    Shoutout to mah men Mr. F. !!!!!
  • MityAntMityAnt Posts: 150

    Prof X and Apo, without a doubt among the top 10 Mutants in the game with regards to both solo usage and Synergies.

    Just pulled & took 5* Prof X to R4, already have Apoc R5 & awakened, can’t wait to try them on a team.
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