help with pushing cav

Got to 6.1 a week or two ago and want to start pushing for cav. I'm sure as of right now, I need to wait to expand my 5 star roster, but would appreciate any tips on who to rank up/focus on or any counters I have to specific bosses. I have 2 t5 basics burning a hole in my pocket, along with t4cc of pretty much everything cept science. Thanks in advance!


  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 985 ★★★
    That colossus and torch would be good and maybe doc ock if you know how to play him. I'd hold off a bit before tackling act 6. Maybe go back and explore act 5?
  • Darksniper240Darksniper240 Posts: 203 ★★
    Yeah, I figured I should wait. Was more interested in things like is Gulk worth taking up for 6.1.1 and I heard he is good for the ultron (wanted to check as he'd be my 3rd science R4 and out of catalysts)? Also, wondering if Emma would be worth taking up as I heard she counters a ton of nodes depending on her form. Just pulled IMIW and he seems to hit like a wet noodle from the random arena's I have fought him, so not too sure about him. From what I have heard crossbones is a nightmare, and I'm not too sure I have a counter. So I'd assume waiting on something for him.

    Oh and its hard to tell but that is CAP IW. Thanks in advance!
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