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This month has been very underwhelming



  • FlyGalaxyBombFlyGalaxyBomb Posts: 764 ★★★
    why did i have this thread bookmarked :0
  • CanuckDownUnderCanuckDownUnder Posts: 106 ★★★

    To start off with, you have two new not-so-exciting champions released this month, both as bland as a turtle’s backside.

    Then, you have a side quest with randomized fights and rewards with tricky nodes that you have to go through with only 3 champions. You can’t even peek inside to see which bosses you have to fight to set up your team, you just have to guess. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy either. You have to make sure you play perfectly well or else you might end up using revives, and who wants to use revives in a side quest? Not to mention, RNG might screw you over and you only get gold, sig stones, and T4b fragments, which you have to beat the boss or wait until the next day for the rewards to refresh, but only after having to duel someone to obtain a key to enter.

    Finally, you have V7 rewards, which don’t really help endgame players all that much. No T2 alphas, no 6* sig stones, no 6* rank up gems, not even any T1 alphas. I mean, if you’re going to give us 5* R2-R3 and R3-4 gems, why not T1 alphas to go along with it? In fact, why not upgrade the rewards to 5* R4-5 (2017) or 6* R1-2 (2017) gems? There’s no sense of accomplishment in completing or exploring V7 because the rewards are so outdated.

    I feel like I’m just playing this game because I have nothing better to do rather than playing it for fun.

    It's not just this month, it's been the entire year. It's just not fun anymore. The RNG element of the side quest is garbage. Then the recent AQ issue. The new champs (for 2021) have been a huge disappointment. I do appreciate Kabam making t5cc more readily available. But more than anything, crystal openings are colossal waste. I don't think I've opened a 6* champ this year that I've used in content outside of arena. I have 52 6*s and 5 of them are at rank 2 and 1 at rank 3. I hear you. Like you, I'm not feeling very motivated to continue playing.
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