Your Duel Class Crystals Are a Ripoff and need be adjusted!

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Everytime I've attempted to get a decent champ from ANY of Duel Class crystals I have gotten same duplicate champs I already have! We don't open a Skill/Mutant crystal to get a Winter Soldier, Black Panther Classic, Bishop or Cyclops Blue Team for 4th time! I just opened a Tech/Cosmic Duel Crystal and I got Howard The Duck which I have already had level 80! I have at least 50 possible Tech OR Cosmics I didnt have and at least 5 that need awakened and you give me a trash champ I already have ! You could easily make the algorithm lower chances to get a champ that is already awakened! Last 2 Science/Mystic Duel Crystal's I got CLASSIC Captain America and Iron Fist?!?! SERIOUSLY champs from games beginnings should be filtered out these crystals and kept in classic crystals. Tired of saving for nothing!


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    ... i must have opened 100+ Cosmic/Tech dual crystal trying to get G99 but she still clockedfrom me. Yeh ive got alot of crappy champs but that luck of the spin...
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    I honestly can say I have a very decent time with Dual Class Crystals. I’ve pulled Doom, Dormammu (personal fav), Hyperion, Warlock, and Prof X as of late. But on the down side I’ve gotten my Iron Patriot, Loki, Captain America (Classic), Mordo too. It’s a patience game man. You win some you lose some and sometimes you go on streaks. We all get mad too. Just chill you’ll get more luck
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    Everytime I've attempted to get a decent champ from ANY of Duel Class crystals I have gotten same duplicate champs I already have! We don't open a Skill/Mutant crystal to get a Winter Soldier, Black Panther Classic, Bishop or Cyclops Blue Team for 4th time!

    I finally got Doom from one yesterday, so i cant say I agree with you
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    Ultimately, dual crystals are still basic crystals with the difference being that the pool that you pull from is limited to 2 classes. All champs from those classes that are in the basic pool have an equal chance to show up, just like in a basic crystal. While yes, the pool you are pulling from is smaller, so you have a better chance of getting someone you want, there’s also a greater chance of pulling a champ from those classes you don’t want.

    I know it can be frustrating to have a string of bad pulls, but we all have those from time to time, and at least each month there’s a chance that some of the weaker champs in your collection will get buffed and increase in value.
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    I agree.
    Yesterday i bought 5 Tech-cosmic dual class crystals(4*) hoping for any new champ worth ranking up since those two classes were lagging behind in my roster. Here's what i got....
    Green Goblin (new)
    Ghost×3 (already maxed out with max sig)
    Red skull (sig 80)
    And i still only have like 10 tech champs (4*)...
    As a moderate level developing player, how am i suppose to clear more content without any new champs?
    I agree that it's a game of probability but if the same thing is happening with other players as well... Something ain't right.
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    This guy needs a crash course on Rules of Probability 101
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    It's a dual-class crystal, not a Nexus Crystal and definitely not a wish Crystal. I can understand the frustrations of pulling the same Champions over and over again especially if they are older and have yet to be updated. I duped more cables then I'm proud to admit!

    That being said the only time you're going to find crystals that meet your specific criteria will probably be in December if they do the anniversary crystals again.
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    Sorry for your run of bad luck, but it is all just random.

    I opened five Cosmic/Tech duals and got zero Cosmic champs. I popped five Mystic/Science and got zero Mystic champs.

    On the flip side, my luck on Mutant//Skill has been off the charts. Last five 5* I opened gave me AA, Colossus, Elsa, Domino, and Apoc. Of course, the five before that were Red Cyke, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Sabertooth (not bad), and another Taskmaster, so...

    Bad pulls suck. We’ve all been there. Will they definitely even out? Nope, but over time, with more of a sample size, you’ll see that there is no pattern and it is all just a crapshoot. Hang in there.
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    So far while playing this game, I have gotten every champ I wanted in 4 duals or less, so no thanks
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    I'm a strong believer that each crystal truly isn't a 1/150 chance. My theory is each crystal includes a small pool and that pool includes multiple copies of bad champs.

    A good example is opening a batch of cavs and getting multiple copies of the same champ ar the same star level.

    Also before you argue there's no proof either way
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    You could easily make the algorithm lower chances to get a champ that is already awakened!

    Which would be incredibly unfair when you're trying to fish for a certain dupe. I had Aegon and desperately needed a dupe to actually be able to use him, with what you've proposed I might have to pull every skill/mutant in the game just to start getting a chance at pulling a second Aegon... The odds being the same for every toon is the fairest way.
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    I feel ya man, but I think everyone feels that way when opening crystals, and just think, at one point or another these trash champs will likely get buffs
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    list of 5* champs I've pulled from duals:

    Doom (twice)
    Human Torch (twice)
    Claire Voyant
    Sorcerer Supreme

    Sure, I got a lot of duds, as well .. but it seems to be working fine from my end . ;)
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    I agree to disagree because I just pulled an Archangel and many others from that mutant/skill crystal. I know it hurts when you get bad champs, but you just gotta wait it out and keep grinding.
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    Please don’t come to complain about crystal luck. It just so happened that you pulled bad champions. Suck it up and try again. Everyone here is going to tell you the same thing.
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    The thing is you need to focus on one dual crystal type at a time. IMO the best return can be had from Skill/Mutant crystal, you'll pull a great champ with 4-5 spins.
    Then look at your roster and decide what other champs you want and keep going for it. There is no point in getting disappointed, everyone pulls **** champs, use that opportunity to save rank up resources.

    I only focus on dual crystals now, specifically on Cosmic/Tech because I need the Warlock. In the process I have pulled G2099 and CGR amongst a bunch of bad ones.

    Take my 6stars, about 90% are ****, this is why I actually quit the game 2 years ago, but came back last October and been having more fun because its much easier to get 5* and 6* shards. Appreciate what this game is giving and just have fun. Dont keep looking for the next champ, it will only get you misery.
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    Your spelling needs to be fixed
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