Discord Alliance: Looking for AQ (map 5) and AW (gold 2-3) Players!

"World Wide Alliance" (tag: [WWA 1]) is searching for a few dependable players. We are stable, dating all the way back to 2016, with several of the original members still around and kicking. Relaxed atmosphere, adult members (no drama!), and minimal micro-managing.

  • We currently run two map 5 groups, and one map 3 group. New members should be looking to run primarily map 5.
  • We occasionally bump one group up to map 6 if there is interest, but that is the exception rather than the rule.
  • Lanes are not assigned on map 5. We trust our members to manage themselves, unless they ask for help.
  • 80-100% attendance and strong participation/follow-through are expected, with allowances for real-life availability issues. Just keep us apprised of your situation.

  • We run two groups during war seasons.
  • We have finished the last several seasons right on the border of gold 2. We made it once, in season 24, and we believe that 1-2 more solid players could push us over the edge--and keep us there.
  • Expect tiers 6 through 8, fluctuating with win/loss streaks. No defensive tactics if we can help it! One missed boss kill from a single tier 5 war cost us gold 2 last season.
  • 80-100% attendance and strong participation are expected during seasons. Off-seasons are purely voluntary.

  • We use Discord instead of Line. This is mandatory.
  • Cavalier or above, unless you can make a compelling case as to why that milestone has not yet been reached.
  • Prestige and overall account size are not major considerations, but we do want people with 5\* rank 5 AW attackers and at least rank 4 defenders and AQ teams.
  • English is required.

If interested, look me up either here, in-game, or on Discord (Adjerius#0265). Thanks for reading!


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    Still looking for more!
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    Still searching!
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    The new war season is about to start, and we still have openings. Who's interested?
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    We have one spot open. There is still time to qualify for season rewards if you join in the next couple of days. You would just have to join at least five out of the last six wars.
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