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R3 LONGshot vs symbiote supreme

Which would be better to rank 3 ? Long shot or symbiote supreme and why ? Does long shot need the dupe ?


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    Shaneomac56Shaneomac56 Posts: 23
    SS imo he just has more utility and great damage also. Longshot does not need dupe
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    FancysonFancyson Posts: 75
    I have them both at r3 and I almost never use sym Supreme. Partially because I find LS way faster and more enjoyable, but also because there are a lot less champions immune to incinerate than bleed.
    Overall though, they do the same job of dealing with buffs and they both are excellent at it. I prefer longshot but they are both great champions.
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    LangpouchLangpouch Posts: 29
    Both great options.
    Won’t go wrong with either
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    KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,777 ★★★★★
    Wtf dude? There has been the very same discussion 2 days ago
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