Known Issues (Version 30.2)

Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that were resolved in or are under investigation for the 30.2 update. Please note that this list will be updated as we have more information. Thank you for your patience as we work toward a resolution for these issues.
There is an issue where the Passive Stun from Magneto (House of X)'s pre-fight ability can sometimes cause Collosus to push opponents farther back when he uses Parry. Under Investigation
Resolved an issue where Kingpin's synergy with Daredevil did not always prevent Evasion. Resolved 30.2
There is a visual issue where Ronan's signature ability contains extra text. Resolved 30.2
There is an issue where Archangel's Ability Accuracy can sometimes be reduced by Disorient. Resolved Future Update
Fixed an issue where players were shown as having many unread messages. Resolved 30.2
There is an issue where Thor (Ragnarok) can reduce Archangel's ability accuracy. Under Investigation
Fixed an issue where the damage from Thor (Ragnarok)'s SP3 was not capped as intended. Resolved 30.2
There is a known issue where Pre-Fight abilities may not apply to a fight after they've been activated. Under Investigation
Workaround: If the yellow Pre-Fight ability icon doesn't appear when activated, backing out of the pre-fight screen to the map, and then reentering the pre-fight screen should resolve this issue.  
Fixed an issue where "Immune" was mistranslated in some languaged Resolved 30.2
There is an issue where Horseman of Apocalypse cross-fight abilities can sometimes be removed when disconnecting. Under Investigation
Fixed and issue where the Hood's ability text was missing. Resolved 30.2
There is an issue where Doctor Octopus's Chemistry breakthrough is missing form his Signature Ability text. Resolved Future Update
There is an issue where Civil Warrior is able to reduce Archangel's Bleed Ability Accuracy. Resolved Future Update
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