Venom The Duck Random Buffs Missing, Random or Not Being Stored!

Not sure if this is a persistent buff bug or a separate issue, but Venom The Duck's Abilities are not working as before. When his Aberration effect hits 100% he's supposed to receive a random buff 100% the time. Sometimes NO buff is given.

When he Heavys a champ buff supposed to store the buff RNA bank as a Persistent Charge. At least 50% the time the buff disappears and isn't stored. Next fight its supposed to show up as a Persistent doesn't.

When activating a Special 3 all stored buffs are supposed to be released. Sometimes the buffs are there amd other times RANDOM non-captured buffs appear out of no where (An Armor Up Buff Appears when S3 is activated when no Armor Up buff was ever sent to RNA bank) OR a Regen buff that was captured previously and stored in RNA bank is not showing up when Special 3 is activated.

Half time Persistent Charges Are Missing. Regen Buffs are lost and not captured.

This was not happening before.

Just in case it's same bug as Persistent Charges one.....

Android OS newest version
Galaxy S20+
T-Mobile Provider
Class of Champions Quest, AQ, Arena
Against Multiple Champs
About 10 Mins Ago before I started writing this last time it happened.
No other Apps Running
Happened After Recent Updates


  • Mr_ZMr_Z Posts: 33
    Currently active buffs are not remaining after activating special 3, example at this link:
  • Mr_ZMr_Z Posts: 33
    That's in addition to everything the other guy said and I am very Suspicious the red goblin Symbio crit synergy is not working either.
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