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Kingpin purify synergy

This might not be a bug, it might be a misunderstanding of the synergy.

Kingpin's synergy with Joe Fixit/The Hood says +100% Rage Purify Ability Accuracy, what exactly does this mean? Does this mean he will remove debuffs? If that's the case then it's bugged, I just entered ROL with Kingpin/JF and he didn't purify the bleed from my suicides, then after the bleed ran it's course and I received another one from WS SP1 it didn't purify.


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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Do you happen to have any footage of this happening or would you be able to tell us if this has happened anywhere else? Also, would you be able to tell us which fights you were in specifically?
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    mustgofastermustgofaster Posts: 87
    I will see if I can record a video of this and post here. I only tried the one fight against Winter Soldier in Realm of Legends using Kingpin 5* + Joe Fixit 6* on Samsung Android, MCOC v30.2.1.

    I will try MEQ and Act 6 to see if that issue replicates if that helps?
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    arin_arinaarin_arina Posts: 210
    @Kabam Zibiit in fact it’s a bug. He is not able to purify bleed from suicide, even with hood synergy. Only poison!!!
    I tested him every where AQ, AW, arenas, …
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    Ik08Ik08 Posts: 18
    Purify has a cd time.
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