AQ Rank reward for placing between 501 and 1700 need reviewing

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Hello all. I've ran out of T4B. For the first time in probably a year I've ran out. The cause for this is my Alliance have moved from running 554 each week in AQ to now we run 654. As we know more points mean we rank higher. For the last few months we've started placing in the 1201 - 1,700 bracket, and in this bracket you get no T4B. Ok, fine I can buy from the glory store if I want to. But I wanted to look objectively whether the rank rewards are overall better or worse now. After all I do get some more Glory, some more T5B and T2A.

I'm sure others may have done this, and I'm happy to be challenged if my maths is wrong but when you factor in the cost of buying the items you miss out for ranking higher versus the additional rewards you get, you're actually worse off than if you finished in rank 1701 -2200. The same goes for ranking 801 - 1,200 and 501 - 800. My guess is most people in these brackets will still need either T4B or T4CC that drop off when you rank higher.

So I've put the below table together. Ranking between 1701 - 2200 is the last time you get incrementally more rewards of every type, so I've used this as a baseline. I've looked at the difference in rewards you get for each of the different ranking points and compared this to how much Glory is required to purchase the difference, or indeed how much glory is saved as you got extra in rewards. So for my Alliance ranked 1,201 - 1,700 we:
Get 100 more glory
1,000 more T5B - it would take 133 Glory to purchase this amount
6,000 more T2A - it would take 100 Glory to purchase this amount
We get the same in T4CC - So far the items we've earned the equivalent of items worth 333 more in glory.
But because we don't get any T4B we'd now have to spend 690 glory to buy the items that we won for ranking lower. So after now spending 690 in glory to buy the T4B that I no longer receive I'm down the equivalent of 357 glory worth of rewards.

Even if you factored in the Peak Milestone rewards, we only get an extra 100 glory there and 1 extra map 6 crystal. I don't think these really should be factored, but that doesn't close the gap on the effort versus rewards either.

The same logic goes through until you've hit rank 501 - 800. The upper middle tiers are the only ones that seem to be penalised for doing well. I've put rank 1 in just to show that I don't think this is an issue that runs all the way up through the rankings. The additional rewards more than offsets the lack of T4B / T4CC (in having to purchase the items instead) and than doesn't include the T5CC as well.

The seems to be due to the glory store getting a significant buffs over the years but the rank rewards remaining far more static. If you go back to the old days of the Glory where T5B and T2A were bought in quantities of 1,800 and 7,200 the rank rewards do scale up. But they no longer scale any more and haven't for a while. This really is an area of the game that needs looking at as its an area of the game where effort and reward does not match.

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    I didn’t read it all but yes I agree it’s annoying when T4b are in high demand for end game players that scoring higher forces me to then purchase a “basic” resource. Oh well. Such is kabamm life.
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    I didn’t read it all but yes I agree it’s annoying when T4b are in high demand for end game players that scoring higher forces me to then purchase a “basic” resource. Oh well. Such is kabamm life.

    It was explicitly stated when introducing Glory that it was a currency meant to give players a choice on what rewards they needed, instead of having it fixed.
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    Imo kabam should never have bad t4bc used for 6* rank 1 to 2. Having the t5bc and t4bc for that specific rank up means you have to be smart with your t4bc and your 5* rank ups.

    It isn’t like 5* use t3bc and t4bc. They changed the recipe in a long term negative. Other then this the rate we can earn/buy t4bc is okay.
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