QoL Suggestion - Quest Bookmarks

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Howdy -

I think I speak for many summoners when I say that it can get quite frustrating to scroll between Books, Chapters, Quests, Side Quests, etc. when completing content. The quest menu always drops you at the highest difficulty completed at the last level completed.

The Idea

Bookmarks! Let's say you plan on farming a level repeatedly, or you plan to do a completion of certain chapter, or maybe an entire difficulty on a side quest. It would be great if we had a little "star" icon, similar to a "favorites" button on Google Chrome or another internet browser, that let's us default to that content, instead of scrolling/clicking to it every time.


You can bookmark an individual level, a chapter, an act, a book, or even a side quest difficulty.

Share your thoughts! I think this could be a really great QoL improvement.


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