Rewards update!!

hey guys I think its almost time to update those alliance event rewards!!
☆ -SA rewards.. like really still getting 1000 5* shrads each week instead of 1000 6* shrads
☆- 3 days events looks like joke. only the 25 units ,energy refills and 5* sig stones looks great (my suggestion is that plz add some alliance health pots in this 3 days event or more 5* and 6* shrads)
☆- AW: we are still getting less amount of 6* shrads for tier 1 and tier2 wars.

we need 6 shrads, 6* sig stones, if possible alliance health pots too!!
(the above request Is from the alliance which is mostly filled with Throne breakers and guys who grind lots of points for those 3 days events)
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