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Community's Choice Champion Update: VOTE NOW!



  • Tyke1207Tyke1207 Posts: 3
    We have to vote guillottine , there are so much more scientific champions that is so insane in the game . Scientific is the second best class in the game , dudes trust me , vote for guillo and she became absolutely insane just because is a kabam original champion like aegon and they gonna buff like neve before
  • DEmentroxDEmentrox Posts: 14
  • AjaxiferAjaxifer Posts: 9
    edited April 2021
    Ant-man FTW!
    and also hope my 6* ant-man get more use than that 6* Yellowjacket after his buff :)
  • Voted for antman. Other i would like to be in top 2 my sweet guillotine.
    MCOC Team said:


    It’s time once again for YOU to decide which Champion will be receiving an Overhaul!

    The Top 2 Champions selected by you will move on to the finals, where you will be able to vote for them by winning Voting Ballots in a special Arena from May 17-24!

    This special Milestones-only Arena will contain 6 Ballots. Each time you earn one, you’ll be asked to cast your vote for one of the 2 Champions. At the end of the month, the votes will be tallied, and a winner will be announced in June!

    The winning Champion will receive their update later this year (currently hoping for October or November).

    Ant-Man for the win
  • junkynotesjunkynotes Posts: 5
  • Kid_Destruction1Kid_Destruction1 Posts: 3
    edited April 2021
    Agent Venom should be improved. He is a Venom after all.
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 1,537 ★★★★★
    Ant man for life
  • The6thSpyThe6thSpy Posts: 2
    I only voted joe fixit because I am so unlucky to have him 6 stars awakened...
  • AmanjotAmanjot Posts: 4
    Ant man
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,157 ★★★★★

    We need Joe FIXED but everyone here trying to sell people on voting Ant-Man cause "I would use him on the synergy team" but really, you still gonna let him sit on the bench cause Ghost will do the job anyways. Joe literally has nothing going for him, poor dude really needs the buff the most out of the rest ...

    Tiny bit short sighted implying Ghost can do everything in the game.

    I'm voting ant man in the hopes he can cover some of what Ghost can't do. Nodes/Champions that punish crits, high damage like safeguard, nodes that make you miss, armour break. I'd like to bring ant man along as a benefit to ghost as a champion, not just as a synergy.

    And he's a cool character I like, it would be nice to use him without ghost. Thanks for telling me how I'd play the game though
  • TsmittTsmitt Posts: 41
    I’m sure Ant-Man is going to win, but I had to vote for my true choice, Jane Foster.
  • John_44John_44 Posts: 13
    I wanted to vote for two
    Ant Man and Agent Vemon
  • DannyJayyDannyJayy Posts: 32
    I voted for Q
  • Feliciano12Feliciano12 Posts: 1
    Guillotine definitely

  • VotkuKetkuVotkuKetku Posts: 6
    Kamala FTW
  • RomafirRomafir Posts: 2
    Vote kamala
  • Jojo_VengerbergJojo_Vengerberg Posts: 13
    Agent Venom FTW!!!
  • raees0165raees0165 Posts: 1
  • WraitHUNWraitHUN Posts: 8
  • PugpolicePugpolice Posts: 4
    I find your lack of Joe votes concerning
  • Of course Kamala! Vote Kamala Khan
  • Lord_GoliathLord_Goliath Posts: 2
    Please, please, I’m begging you, do not vote for guillotine. She’s my top champ, I’ve just taken her to 5/65, and she’s absolutely perfect for questing the way she is. Great base damage, rare but powerful debuffs, no buffs, not overly reliant on specials. She is an absolute beast and her simplicity is a big part of why I love using her so much. Please vote for any of the others, but not guillotine.
  • Agent Venom B)
  • YvngChanYvngChan Posts: 1
    Guillotine 🗡
  • CrunchCrunch Posts: 1
    I'm glad Ant-Man is winning so far. At least until some YouTuber sways the vote, but seriously Ant-Man is such a wet noodle on his own.
  • DhoomsayDhoomsay Posts: 5
    Thor(Jane Foster)
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