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It’s been so long since I used CAIW with Wolverine ( due to lack of ranked up 5* Wolverine until recently ) that I forgot about CAIWs synergy with mutants. This pair great with my Mutant + CAIW team - Prof X, Apocalypse, Magneto, Wolverine and CAIW. Soooo much prowess and crit and attack bonuses with that set up. The only draw back is it clearly isn’t ideal for CAIW utility. But if if I just need high block proficiency and damage from Cap it’s fine. Sometimes I swap out CAIW for Guardian and red for white Magneto to get some perfect block , armor, more prowess and attack. My point is ranking up Wolverine has opened up some really cool team options I’d honestly forgot about. What’s your ideal team for Wolverine?
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    Yes the synergy is nuts for profX especially in LoL, AoL
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    I've been running Apocalypse, Cable, Colossus, Omega Red and Wolverine.
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