ISO hunt in arena

It would really be sweet, if the game had the possibillity to hunt ISO in the arena.
Just once a week.

I think it would help players how has completed the game aswell as players Who Are stuck in a certin act/quest.


  • MaximusIIMaximusII Posts: 12
    I would like to see this option available for us , Most of the time I am busy ranking up champs but I find myself out of iso after finishing cavalier and lower difficulties . Now arena it’s not something that I play too often. I think and ISO arena would make me want to come back to that aspect of the game. Hopefully one of the devs will see this post . It will improve our rank up and gaming experience that’s for sure.
  • MaximusIIMaximusII Posts: 12
    @Kabam Miike have you and the team considered this option for us ?
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