An idea for some AQ/AW/Arena synergy

Sorry for the wall of text, but I thought I should add a little background.

I was talking about AW fatigue with my alliance mates since the new season just started. We are a varied group of players, and the top half of us pretty much all agree that the rewards suck. The alliance has finally found a good balance where everyone contributes, but at the end of the day there is still too big of a discrepancy between the work the top members put in and what they get out of it. It has made AW a slog for most of us, while it's only really enjoyed by the progressing members.

Now, I'm not saying this to slag off any of those members, just to note a problem with non-progression-based rewards. I'm happy to be the leader of a relatively casual alliance that doesn't hound its members to constantly improve or be kicked. I've been there, done that, and I ain't never going back to it. I don't want to run my alliance that way, but I don't think the top players in my alliance should be penalized for me running it my way.

They could of course change to another, more ambitious alliance...but I have a suggestion.

While I was thinking of this, I wondered about how to implement some kind of progression-based rewards as easily as possible. That lead me to thinking about where we see those types of rewards already, and the answer is obvious: the Glory earned from AQ. There's a reason the top-tier players (in my alliance, at least) are way keener to run AQ than AW, and that's because one week's worth of Glory - whichever amount is earned, even if from casual play - is way more valuable to us than even AW's end-of-season payoff.

I'm not saying Kabam should scrap the big AW reward at the end of the season, but adding some Glory could do wonders for at least my alliance's excitement regarding the prospect of running a new season of AW. Even if it was only enough to buy a single T1A or T4B after each War, that would motivate me in a whole new way. And obviously, a bigger Glory reward at the end would likewise motivate me and my mates to push harder than we feel like doing right now.

At the same time, the Glory store is progression-based, so it would be a reward that doesn't artificially bump up the rewards of lower-level players too much.

I think it could be interesting to add Glory, in some form, to Arena as well. One of the gripes I have with Glory is that it is so vital, yet must be earned in an alliance. I like my alliance nowadays, but I was feeling very burned out a year or so ago and was extremely close to quitting. If it hadn't been because I needed that Glory, I would have. I would love to see other avenues of earning it, that don't require one to be in an alliance. Alliance membership should still offer perks, but not be more-or-less mandatory for decent progression like it is now.

It doesn't have to be tied to Arena - it could be a reward in Variants, in Side Events, or some other place - but it seems like a suitable place to put it since I think many of us feel a similar Arena-burnout to the one regarding AW.

Just some thoughts.
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