Spectre Soul Boost bugged ?

I just completed a master mode "Blades" quest.
The final one with Mephisto as boss.

I activated a Spectre Soul Boost just before fignthing Red Deadpool, and I could still see him regenerate health (green numbers, and his bar gooing back and forth between damage and regeneration) and during the last fight, after loosing a character to Mephisto (the devil having 1800 HP at the end), I started the next fight with a regeneration message on Mephisto, but even if the red disc was present, he was neither regenerating nor loosing health. (no red numbers, no green numbers, but with a starting health at 1800, he should have been dead and a few seconds)


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    Try reading the forum before cluttering up with more threads in the same topic. It's already been answered by a mod an it's not a bug
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    Oh, you are talking about that comment ?

    "Is he still Regenerating? The Boost won't reverse his healing due to his ability to negate damage when he has a regeneration, but should act as a Heal Block in his case."

    Well, I'm not sure it answers the case of Deadpool. But thanks anyways for jumping my throat and NOT answering my question.
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    They have a search function so you don't have to trawl through thousands of pages. I could put the link in but am not going to reward laziness.
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    Yeah, better play" holier than thou", and STILL NOT BE ABLE to answer about Deadpool.

    Thanks for nothing.
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    Guessing your a millennial. Since you caught me on s good day I will help direct you to the thread but you are going to have to do most the work. Look at screenshot an you should be able to find your answer.
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  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    This lesson will help you in the future find threads quicker an not create needless duplicate post that make it harder for others to find stuff.

    Your welcome
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    Well, I don't need to direct you to my FIRST answer to your answer, as I found Kabam Miike's answer.


    Now, as I may be a little older than you (my 2 daughter are pre-millenials) I will show you an example of courtesy you could have used in the first place:

    "Hello OP, well, I don't know about other champions such as Deadpool, but about Mephisto, Miike already answered. It as something to do with him negating damages when he regens, it just blocks heal and not reverse it.
    You should try to do a search for "Spectre soul" and you will surely find it"

    But hey, that was the polite way, and I guess polite is not your thing.
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    Guess you haven't found the right thread from that list then
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    Guess you like being an ass, then.

    And by the way, who is cluttering the forum with me, when he can't stop from bumping a thread that is no longer useful ?
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    There is a big difference talking in a thread an making new threads on the same topic that already exist.
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    One is making a mistake, the other one is harassing on purpose.
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    @Spino I guess you got your answer now? In case you didn’t and other like me find this discussion and didn’t get their expected answer, here a post I found. There is basically 10 sec cool down while this boost doesn’t work and then working for 10 seconds again:

    “Yeah... I emailed support about this because it I had Mephisto down to about 20% and he regened up to 75% during a fight. That's when they explained to me that it's on for 10 seconds then has a 10 second cool down, then kicks back in.

    I responded that 1, that needs to be explicitly put in the description of the item because if we don't know about that **** it's hard to time our actions. and 2, let's say I sold you a car and told you it would get you where you needed to go. The next day you call me up stating that it only drove for 10 minutes, then died, and after 10 minutes it started back up and you were able to drive another 10 minutes. How pissed would you be when I told you "well, yeah, that's how it's designed, every 10 minutes you have to let it cool down for 10 minutes before you can drive another 10 minutes?"

    They supposedly escalated it to the game team, but I'm sure they just round filed the exchange.

    Plain and simple, it's false advertising for the item not to have it in the description. On the plus side, during the 10 seconds when it is working it helps a hell of a lot against that ****.”

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    Yes. It's on a Timer. Red Redpool will still Regen when the Cooldown is active.
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