Captain America (Sam Wilson) Design Idea

WIth Falcon and the Winter Soldier concluding, I thought it would be fun to create a Sam Wilson Captain America. I tried to combine aspects of both Falcon and Captain America Infinity War, while changing up his Class to Tech and incorporating his flight capabilities into his kit.

For the purposes of stats, he is supposed to be a maxed-out 5*. I hope you enjoy it!

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Class: Tech.

Signature Ability - Clean Shield
A true heir to the shield, Sam keeps it clean. Purify incoming Bleed debuffs after 1 second and gain an indefinite but non-stacking Armor Up Buff per Bleed removed, capping the damage of the next incoming strike at 10% Max Health. If that strike is a Special 1 or 2 Attack, cap its damage at 10% Current Health and then place the damage cap ability on a 16-second cooldown.

If fighting a #Villain, extend this to all damaging Debuffs and gain a 3% Health Lost Regen over 5 seconds per Debuff removed.

All New, All Different
Sam gives his teammates different advantages depending on the classes of those who stand beside him. Teammates can choose one advantage per fight.

* Skill: Gain a 10-second True Strike on opponent Evade, once per fight. Canceled evades during this time grants a passive 134 increase to Critical Rating.
* Science: Purify one non-damaging Debuff each fight and reduce the potency of future Debuffs of the same type by 25%.
* Mutant: If the opponent triggers a Regen Buff, gain an 1150 Fury Buff once per fight.
* Mystic: SP2 places a 5-second Fateseal on the opponent, once per fight.
* Tech: If hit for more than 20% of Max Health, cap it at 20% Current Health and gain an Armor Up Buff once per fight.
* Cosmic: Gain a 15% Power Gain Buff over 5 seconds at the beginning of the fight.

Dash back and hold Block for 1,2 seconds.
* If successful, activate Flight Time for 8 seconds. If fighting a Mutant, increase duration to 12 seconds.
* If interrupted, Evade and place a passive stun on the opponent for 0,5 seconds. Then activate Flight Time for 5 seconds.
* If interrupted by an Unblockable attack after at least a 0,5-second charge, Perfect Block the attack and then immediately enter both Flight Time and Clean Shield cooldown.

Flight Time
Weaving back and forth in the air makes Captain America difficult to hit. Get a 30% chance to glance attacks, increased to 100% against Mutant opponents. Glancing attacks cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy. Cooldown: 10 seconds, or 15 seconds if fighting a Cosmic champion.

Furthermore, glancing attacks get a secondary effect depending on the class of the opponent.

* Skill: Avoided Critical Hits only deal 25% of opponent Attack rating and give Cap 5% Power.
* Science: Gain an Unstoppable Buff for 1 second whenever a non-damaging Debuff fails to trigger.
* Mutant: For each damaging Debuffs that fails to trigger, deal a burst of Physical Damage with a potency of 1% of your Attack Rating per active Fury Buff. If the opponent is under the effect of a Regen Buff when you enter Flight Time, instead place a 120% Petrify Debuff on them for 1 second per active Fury Buff on you.
* Mystic: Reverse incoming effects affecting Power - such as Power Drain, Power Burn, or Power Steal - with 50% potency.
* Tech: Place an Armor Break on the opponent and pause a potential refresh of an Armor Up Buff for the duration of Flight Time.
Cosmic: Glanced attacks does not gain any additional properties, but Class Disadvantage is disabled during Flight Time.

Heavy Attack
If not in flight, Disorient opponents for 5 seconds.

If airborne, dive into the opponent with your shield. Stun them for 3 seconds and drain 10% of their Power per full Bar of Power. Gain +60% attack rating per Bar drained this way. This cancels Flight Time.

Special 1 - Hard Landing
Crash into the opponent with an Unblockable shield bash. Gain the effects of the Heavy landing and, if there are less than 2 seconds left of Flight Time, immediately refresh the cooldown.

Special 2 - Recon Strike
Redwing locks onto the opponent, granting 1800 Critical Rating and reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 100%. Deal five quick blows with the shield. For each Defensive Ability not triggered due to the AAR, gain an indefinite 5% Fury buff. Max 30.

Activates Flight Time. If already airborne, refresh the duration.

Special 3 - Winged Assault
Gain a passive Aptitude Buff for the duration of the attack, increasing the effects of active Fury Buffs by 50%.

If above 50% Health: Permanently reduce the effects of incoming Critical Hits when not in Flight Time by 1% per active Fury Buff.
If below 50% Health: Gain a 1% Regen per active Fury Buff over 10 seconds.


War Buddies
Captain America (WW2) - Activate all of Sam's All New, All Different abilities once per fight.

Winter Soldier - Every 10 Hits on the combo meter, trigger either an Armor Break or a Bleed Debuff depending on if you end on a Light or Medium attack. If an Armor Break is active when the Bleed is activated, turn it into a passive Bleed. If a Bleed is active when the Armor Break is activated, Armor Shatter the opponent. If both effects are active at the same time, use an Heavy Attack to remove all debuffs on the opponent and inflict a Critical Bleed per Debuff removed.

To Hell With Hydra
Red Skull - For each Armor Up consumed or otherwise removed by any class other than Cosmic, gain a Cosmic Cube Buff and refresh the Armor Up Buff after 8 seconds. For each Cosmic Cube Buff, gain +1200 attack rating and deal 300 Degeneration damage per second. Max Cosmic Cube Buffs: 5.

Whenever gaining an Armor Up Buff, also gain 5% Power.


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    I like it. Realistically we're not going to see anything like this until the next Captain America movie but it's a good template what they can hopefully build on.
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