Gold 3 Alliance AQ Map 55555 with Modifiers, looking for 1 member.

Gold 3 Alliance looking for 1 active player with 700k min rating and/or 9k prestige :)

Our alliance is 27.1M rating.
We run map 5 on all 3 battle groups modifiers included and 100% exploration is the priority, with 3 to 4 hours left for members to do other quests before the next round of AQ starts and most of us are on GMT time zone :)

3 first rounds with epic modifiers and the last 2 rounds with master modifiers :)

The glory we get after AQ has finished is over 4k glory :)

Last but not least we also play AW and run 2 battle groups with 1 spot still open :)

If you have any interest, add me on line my ID is thescorpion123456 and If you nearly reach the requirement, contact me :)
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