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Recruiting - Aim is gold 1 war

I'll be brutally honest, we are an ally looking to heavily regain after a shocking start to this aw season, with many players having abandoned us we still have a fair few players willing to stay. Our goal is usually always Gold 1 and we still aim to push for that. Having said that, were looking for the following:

Minimum prestige - 9.5k

AQ requirements:
-280M rated
-usually 5x5 but sometimes dabble in map 6 if we have enough people who want to do it.

AW requirements:
-Aim for Gold 1, currently however ranked Gold 2.
-All we ask is that you do you path and help out with the bosses where you can. Given the recent updates to AW with the removal of linked nodes there's no need to wait about, if you can get on with it do it, if you cant for whatever reason give us a heads up in the line chats.
We have had a sever case of people completing their paths and then not giving any more effort for the rest and so we have had shocking performances over the last two wars because of this.

If you are interested in helping us out give me a message on here or on my Line - yash.n98
Don't feel intimidated either by anything I've said above, we are all a friendly bunch.. just a little stressed when wars shouldn't be lost the way they have been recently.
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