Potions and revives in side event

ItsyaboyStephy05ItsyaboyStephy05 Posts: 109 ★★
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I’m confused about something. In the current arena that’s part of the side event, you can earn potions and revives, which is awesome! I’m all for it! But why make it so you can only use them in the side event? From what I recall, the previous times that healing items were available, (January had the continue coins which are the exact same as current revives, and the love potions in February which are the as the current potions.) you could use them in all forms of content. As someone who’s trying to 100% the abyss, I’d love to be able to use those revives for that. Even if they convert at the end of the event into level 1 revives, I’d be satisfied by that too. I’d like some clarification on why they did this. Thanks in advance.
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