Carina challenge mystic dispersion easy with ghost

Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★

Pulls weren't anything crazy from the crystals but oh well i got to complete it super easy

The mordo fight was super easy and so was the whole path for ghost except pheonix because of the indestructible at the end so had to kill her with wasp and antman
I even forgot to turn on the pre fight from magneto and mordo still went down super easy

Every ghost player should do this its nothing out of the ordinary day just gotta ghost for approx 80hits or so


  • Wolviman1Wolviman1 Posts: 32
  • Rohit_316Rohit_316 Posts: 1,153 ★★★★
    Which path did you take ?
  • Wolviman1Wolviman1 Posts: 32
    The punisher path, ghost for punisher, aa for electro and aegon for the rest
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★
    Rohit_316 said:

    Which path did you take ?

    it was the easy path with no extra nodes
    the one which has spidergwen war machine starlord rocket racoon at the end
    all specials ghost can easily miss within her timer
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★
    Wolviman1 said:


    ghost has less stress of intercepting and health from block damage
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★

    And rogue is def the best option for 6.1.5 challenge
    Lucky as an owner of 5* rogue
  • Yoman46Yoman46 Posts: 17
    I used guill 2099 and cgr and completed the challenge with few potions.
  • BonzodavidBonzodavid Posts: 573 ★★★
    Also colossus with omega synergy is great for the act 5.3.1 challenge.
    I only needed to use a revive, because that mordo didn't want to use specials, but otherwise it was smooth sailing, used him for mosylt fights
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