Losing 50% health because the game freezes

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Can the game please not cause players to lose 50% health every time the game freezes? I understand there was oncd an issue with people exploiting the game by force closing to retain health, but there has to be a better solution than losing health because the game freezes.

I win a fight and the game freezes, causing me to have to force close. When I get back in, the fight that I won didn't count and I have to do it over with 50% less health.

50% is a huge amount to lose in AQ and AW, and the potions are too expensive to waste unnecessary.

It happens to me nearly every AQ and AW and I am tired of it. I know there has to be something to deter people taking advantage of the system,, but there has to be a better solution than making players lose 50% health.

Please consider reducing this penalty. 20-25% is a fair compromise I think. But please, please, get rid of the 50% penalty.
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    If it happens every time its your internet or device or storage.
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    It doesn't happen every single fight, but at least once per event. As for storage, I have over 75 GBs data free, so it isn't that. As far as internet, I am at home with full wifi bars, max data. Cellular data usually between 2-3 bars 4G, but that shouldn't matter because I am on wifi. So I doubt it is internet either.
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    Ya it happened with me freqiently in AW and i lost 50% of my current health
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    Lots of problems crashing
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    If it happens every time its your internet or device or storage.

    Tbh how much RAM they need to run ? 8 GB OR 12 GB ?
    OH THEY NEED 24 GB !! got it

    tbh all content run smoothly (thqt counts wars too , fact is that the data traffic since. A lot of players play AQ compare to war)
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    And I'm running on2 GB ram and 17 GB free storage which doesn't matter since everything else working properly fhan AQ
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    this issue has been posted about many many times. my understanding is that it all started in august 2020 when kabam introduced changes in the game engine. again it is my understanding that code development was rushed and not properly tested prior to release. not even sure if the code was self contained when initially released or it depended on third party libraries. but note that the game was used to be well under 1gb in size last summer and now its size is 1.6gb. it is probably lack of resources that is a major reason why the game engine has not been optimized. based on responses or lack of those, developers don't have any idea what and how breaks down and there is apparently no priority in tracking down these bugs. all our complaints fall on deaf ears. we are just being assured that "team is working on this" and are asked to submit reports of crashes in the appropriate thread. in the meanwhile it's proven to be a windfall for kabam as people spend money for healing potions because their alliance performance depends on them. i currently do not even see any incentive for kabam to prioritize this issue. the game has enough analytics built in that kabam has an ability to easily recognize when a "disconnect" likely happened because of the game engine problems, like in the case described in the opening post. yet they choose to do nothing and not compensate players affected by this major problem in the game engine.
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    Happens sometimes yep, that's why I mostly bring P2099 and/or G2099 because you can regain HP when you've lost connection if you're at or below 15% HP.

    Problem isn't solved but you can survive way longer this way.
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    at least they say so @cristalman
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    For me it crashes while its loading just after you've pressed fight. Then when you re-load the game after you've lost 50% health it loads perfectly! This is for AQ btw. If Kabam can't fix this for now can't they come up with a way to record stats on the current fight and have certain conditions that they can use to determine when to recover fights and when to penalize players. For instance, in my case, if no hits are landed on both defender and attacker, or if defender has less health than attack and there power meter is less than 2 bars, or last one to land a blow was attacker before fight was ended, and they had more health than defender and defender had less than two bars of power. Or just come up with scenarios there was a high likelihood that the attacker would have won the fight and scenarios/ conditions where defender would have won. At least one of these would help make things a bit fair. The response that Prof Hoff read on one of his videos given by Kabam Mike on this issue doesn't sound reassuring, like someone said, this doesn't seem like a priority for Kabam even though you have people on the App store, on this forum and even on YouTube talking about this with nothing being done about it.
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    It would be perfect if the amount of health would preserve, when forced to restart the game
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