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Symbiote Supreme vs Act 5 Boss Ultron

OfficialAMKMOfficialAMKM Posts: 12
edited May 2021 in Strategy and Tips
I'm about to take on the final quest of Act 5 and I have done some research on the Ultron. I was wondering if Symb Supreme would be able to Nullify the Ultrons buffs before they activate from being greyed out from me applying a debuff? Or am I not getting the right idea here :confounded:

I plan on taking the Rage path which actually goes through an Avenger (Hulk), a tech champion (Rocket, Nebula, Stark Spidy), a mutant (Rouge) and an evade champion (Stark Spidy), so imthinking Corvus could do well alongside proxima synergy with true strike.

I have posted a picture of all my champs, please let me know what team would work out best/what team you would take and if the corvus and Symbiote Supreme idea is viable!

Thanks :smile:


  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    edited May 2021
    Well, the best counter for that boss is hands down a duped Medusa, helps if u bring Black Bolt for synergy. Do you have Medusa as 4*??If u do r5 her and use her . Basically all you need to do is build up to 1 bar of power, then do MM and Sp1 right away and Ultron will be armor shattered, making him power locked. Then you beat the **** out of him, reapply armor shattered whenever necessary. Aarkus would also work but it'll be trickier to keep the Armor shattered up if u use him.

    But since you don't seem to have that combo , well yeah, I guess maybe Symbiotic Supreme might be effective in nullifying the region and power gain, dunno haven't tried.

    How about this, try with your 4* CMM. Take her to rank 5, use as many sig stones as you can to take her to max sig. Bring NF too to make her charges last longer. Ramp up her charges up to to 25 on the fight(s) before Ultron. Once you face Ultron, you will be at or near to 25 charges, then you got to Binary, go ahead and nuke him super aggressively while in binary, don't worry about Ultron fighting back or throwing at special at you because the sig will make you indestructible. You should be able to take away an important chunk of his health on just one binary rotation, if you are skilled enough maybe two or three binary states will do it without a revive. Just an idea, hope it helps.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,536 ★★★★★
    Sym supreme can definitely work. You just need to have a stagger applied to ultron before doing a debuff to him.

    To be honest though, I suggest using ghost. She makes the fight really easy since you never have to parry and her crits can be evaded. I’d take both ghost and sym supreme and see who works best for you.
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