Who should I rank 5?

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I finally formed the second T5B for my second 5/65. I am on Act 6 chapter 1 (haven't started yet). These are my 5 stars, who should I take up?


  • Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 4,101 ★★★★★
    Nick fury
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    Nick fury to r5. He is a great choice and that he is duped, now even better. Other good options are AA(if duped) and colossus. But nick is just sooo good. Take him up and u will never regret it. Then after u awaken colossus or AA, then rank them up. But now, nick to r5 is the best option. He is great for cav run and act6.
  • Gr8TonyStarkGr8TonyStark Posts: 861 ★★★
    Sparky and gwen are good too but they are nothing compared to nick.
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    Nick Fury

    Also, would suggest you upgrade Archangel.
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    Jr_Stark said:

    Nick Fury

    Also, would suggest you upgrade Archangel.

    Oh yeah, My Archangel is rank 4. This was posted months ago, and I definitely took up NF...someone restarted the thread tho...
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