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How good is spiderham?

Battlefront409Battlefront409 Posts: 34
edited May 2021 in Strategy and Tips
I just got spiderham as a 5 star from a nexus. How good is he? I'm uncollected btw.
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    SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,635 ★★★★★
    Love him. Very quirky, but super useful. I would equate him to Venom. Good amount of utility, good damage, amazing in most cases, and really only a few where he doesn’t do well at all.
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    AGYAATAGYAAT Posts: 210
    Solid champion for act6 or 7 type health pool, parry mlm or mm until (stack your debuffs) and use sp1 to lock them.. they will use specials because of taunt and taunt reduce attack rating by 40% (he has 60% block proficiency) so you will take very low damage for parry/block.. in this playstyle your opponent will be inflict by taunt in entire fight..
    You can stack and manage up to 10 debuffs in most of the fight by just maintaining 7-9 spider nonsense with your heavy...
    I use this mechanic to ramp up his sp3 trap to finish them in blink
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    Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,312 ★★★★★
    Takes 50% reduced special attack damage, insane power stings, unblockable and evade, and power sting/degen immune
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    Battlefront409Battlefront409 Posts: 34
    Dang ok. Thx.
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    RobbieRampageRobbieRampage Posts: 144 ★★
    Really good, I use him a lot, especially in 7.2 there is so much degen on these paths.
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    Lucky7LucianoLucky7Luciano Posts: 76
    Very good, & extremely useful!
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    Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 3,323 ★★★★★
    Love him. Such a fun champ.
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