Arena rewards for 1st June arenas

Kabam, when I'm writing this I'm guessing that you are not aware that all android users can't login.This is not our problem as all android users are unable to login. Giving arena boost or those refill is not the point and it's useless, not everyone has time all 3 days so we arrange our time to put enough score to get what we want. For me, i generally put large score on 1st day so i don't have to rush on last two days.
So I'm asking to give arena rewards to android and iOS users separately for this arena because iOS users already have upper hand and please make sure that this issue does not happen again.


  • Enover01Enover01 Posts: 1
    Your request is full of common sense but you forget that some are playing on multiple media, IOS + Android.
    For my part I use both.
    In which ranking do I need to appear?

    Good game
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    It's upto Kabam...
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    It's already more than 7 hours in which i can score 2m(and who knows how much it will take). So basically I'm 2m short to the iOS users. What is your response Kabam???
  • I sincerely hope they do this. For those capable of participating in both, maybe add the score of both Apple and Android together on the "Apple" arena and then have the Android arena be a bonus. It's not like Apple users are automatically benefitting from this if Kabam does split the two Arenas.
  • Vex_LordVex_Lord Posts: 7
    If you use both you're in the IOS bracket because you could use it when android was down that should be pretty simple to figure out
  • buubuu Posts: 16
    Rahul since u can score 2m in 7 hours u must be at around 4m right now, highest cutoff for a basic hero in this system so far was 5.1m, if the problem is fixed 2 hours before arena ends u will get dr voodoo, congrats!
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    I would assume they will have a 3rd arena for SL/Voodoo as they did in the recent past, but I really doubt they separate by operating systems.
  • xenu12xenu12 Posts: 43
    Vex_Lord wrote: »
    If you use both you're in the IOS bracket because you could use it when android was down that should be pretty simple to figure out

    And what if you weren't able to access an iOS device for a vast majority of the down time, but could towards the end?
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 310
    They should have to release an separate version for Android for third voodoo arena i want voodoo.
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    @buu i don't grind everyday because i don't have time. Now I'm only at 1.4m. I'm from different timezone and arena starts at 11 pm so i don't play at that time.
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