Are you saving for a R5 5 star?

PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 530 ★★★
I currently have only one R4 5*, that's my Storm who I'm grooming for a LOL easy path run in the future.

I have 6 T2As already, so could be ready to take Storm to R5 in the future, when T5Bs are finally released. I've been weighing up whether this would be worth doing, or whether I'd be better off taking another champ to R4 instead.

In terms of LOL, which is heavily dependent on just one champ with synergies, I kinda feel that a single R5 5* would be far more useful than multiple R4s. LOL is the only content in the game that I haven't completed.

(I'm not expecting to get SL any time soon.)

I have both a cosmic and a skill awakening gem, and I have to wonder what I'd do if I got a Hyperion, Angela or Gwenpool as a 5* drop. Would they do at R4 more than Storm could do at R5 (with, I expect, around 3K base attack)?

I haven't really seen this discussed anywhere else, does anyone have any thoughts on this?


  • 1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 790 ★★★
    I have 2 ranked 4 five stars, Iceman and capt marvel. I have spidey, star lord, OG BP, and Magik all dup past level 30 at rank 3 and enough tier 2 alpha to rank one more. I am waiting for either Gwen or voodoo (Gwen I hope) but yes given the opportunity to rank capt marvel to rank 5 I would in a heart beat.
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