Horseman of apocalypse charge disappears

-5/24/21 about 5pm EST
-6-star cable unawakened, lost horseman of apocalypse charge
-lost charge after battle in AQ, and lost Mutany counters
-AQ map5

Happened in AQ 2 days in a row. Would keep horseman charge for 1-2 fights then disappear.
This is the only time I have experienced losing any charge.
Restarting the game did not bring back charge. And apocalypse was not able to give it back even after getting 4 charges back in apocalypse.
This persisted for the rest of the AQ.


  • Noahboy_33Noahboy_33 Posts: 1
    I have also had this problem using 5 star apocalypse and 5 star storm pyramid x. Get to use horseman once, and then it’s gone.
  • linuxlinux Posts: 291
    I've also experienced this twice now in AW.
  • linuxlinux Posts: 291
    I mostly use iOS, but I see the same state (horseman charge is gone from Cable, and Apocalypse has used up his charge) on Android as well.

    (My Cable is 6*, r3.)
  • Lennon123Lennon123 Posts: 40
    Same here, happened a few times. Not sure if what's going on
  • qrlsqrls Posts: 40
    This bug has been there since Apocalypse was released last September.
    Kabam is still investigating it.
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