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War Machine's Pre fight Issue

ThunderGodThunderGod Posts: 356 ★★★

Hey all.
In war Machine's spotlight it is mentioned (till now, hasn't been changed at the time of writing this post) that you can use his prefights on either WM himself or on other tech champs.

His in game abilities however don't mention that you can use it on WM but only on other tech champs.
I feel like war Machine could potentially be even better than he currently is if his prefights worked accurately.

Any insight?
Apologies if this topic has been discussed before I tried searching but couldn't find :(


  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 1,280 ★★★★
    The cleanse on himself wasn’t working yesterday with bleed and poison from masteries. Is that intentional or a bug? The cleanse charges disappeared and bleed and poison remained. Shouldn’t bleed and poison disappear or the 2 cleanse charges remain? One or the other, right?

    Any info is appreciated.
  • ThunderGodThunderGod Posts: 356 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike /any moderators is there any clarification on this? Ultron and war Machine both are incredibly bugged atm would like to know wether that ability will stay in game or change. Thanks.
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