Downloading every time I open the game

This is still happening and I don't have any clr0ttfp3gst38.png
cleaner or so not removed any junk not refreshed it so please help


  • I don't know whether its only me but I always have to download 478MB of the games update anytime I launch the game.

    Its becoming increasingly annoying as everytime I check to see if Kabam will resolve this issue...

    Is anyone facing this problem guys?
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    Don't worry I'm with u.
  • ThomaszarThomaszar Posts: 21
    Same with me!!!
  • I have been facing the same problem for quite some time now! It's most taxing!! I think it started around the time when 15.0 update came out.
  • So does it mean we have to do this update anytime we launch the game?.... And whats Kabam doing about this?
  • At least once a day I am asked to dl 574 g more data. Begin your journey it says. Why is this happening all the time?
  • I hope they will fix this. It's really annoying to do this everyday.
  • I have merged several threads together on the same topic.

    Please see the thread stickied to the very top of this section on the topic, it can be found by Clicking Here. There is also additional information in our Support Knowledgebase regarding this. You can reach this in-game by tapping the gear in the upper left-hand corner, then choosing "Support" and searching for "download". I've already searched, and found this article for you here.

    There are troubleshooting suggestions in both locations, as well as requests for additional details if the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue. Per Kabam Wolf:
    If you are still seeing the additional download every single time you log in, please let us know your Device type and OS version. We'd also like to know the total size of the app on your device before you launch the game, and after the additional download is complete.

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