So, when is it gonna be easier to Rank Up and Awaken 5 Stars??

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I remember quite well when the 6 Stars were announced that is was discussed how much easier it would be to Rank Up and Awaken 5 Stars going forward. And so far, I just haven't seen that happen. And with only 2 1/2 months left in the year, it already seems quite overdue.

With each new batch of 5 stars, our chances of awakening a specific champ get more and more remote. So, that's gonna put us way behind the curve when 6 stars come out.

Plus, Tier 2 Alphas are Ridiculous hard to acquire for most of us. Once we completed Act 4 and got the few giveaways on the monthly calendar, thats about it. 1/10th of 1 T2 Alpha for Master Exploration is Abyssmally low. Which leaves Map 6 Crystals. Even with those, T2 Alphas are rare. And when we do get them, its maybe 1000 shards or so.

Just feels like we have hit a brick wall here, Kabam. There needs to be a complete overhaul in the system of 5 Star Awakenings and Rankups SOON. T5s are around the corner... Thankfully... but its still like a mixture of quicksand and molasses trying to create whole T2 Alphas. So R4 Five Stars after the first few rankups are extremely difficult, but R5 Five Stars at 6 whole T2 Alphas seems almost impossible.

Please take a look at this. Eventually, 5 stars will be the new 4 stars. And if we keep the current system in place, a LOT of players will fall behind rather quickly.


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    I personally am not in a rush to have my 4 stars become the new 3 stars or the 5 stars to be the new 4 stars. I want them to retain their value. This is why I am not supportive of the move to 6 stars. I felt 5 stars were exclusive enough as alphas were rare enough that most players only had 1-3 champs at rank 4. Plus they were not even able to be taken to R5 yet, that should come first before jumping the gun to 6 stars. We should be able to take champs to R5 for a long while before even thinking of going to 6 star champs.

    I do agree that alphas should be easier to obtain, but only slightly. They should be easier so that players around the 300K+ range with most of the content done and 1 path LOL should be able to get their 4th rank 4. It shouldn't be so easy that they are getting 7 or 8 at rank 4. That would really devalue all the 4 stars.
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    If a lot of players fall behind, then the curve shifts and they will no longer be behind. Just saying.
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    Oh I don't support 6 Stars either. Pretty sure most of us were shocked and dismayed by them. Really just the laziest and most thoughtless way to progress the game.

    All I want is for Kabam to make good on a promise before it gets too late.
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    xNig wrote: »
    If a lot of players fall behind, then the curve shifts and they will no longer be behind. Just saying.

    I agree with you to a point. And I get what you are saying.

    But I feel this is very different this time. The Curve is considerably steeper. The 6 stars were not only revealed before T5Bs came out, they were revealed before it was even possible to R4 more than a small handful of 5 stars. This was not the case when when 5 stars were introduced initially.

    All I ask is that we keep it on Par with the original 5 Star Transition. And currently, it is light years away from what that was.
  • 2020 you should be able to max your 5 ⭐️ without a problem. Good luck.
  • Just give us T5Bs already ...
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    2020 you should be able to max your 5 ⭐️ without a problem. Good luck.

    The way this game is going the plug will be pulled way before 2020
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    I vote against any increased 5⭐️ availability.
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    I wanted to point out that Kabam did indeed add T2 Alpha Fragments to Glory Store. For 2400 Glory, you can buy 1/10th of one T2 Alpha. While much appreciated, that and the lucky pull once and a while from Map 6 Crystals will still take a player a PAINFULLY long time to garner 4 T2 Alphas...much less 6.

    We are an 8 Million Alliance doing around 95 Million in AQ per week. That gives us roughly 2400 Glory each week.... which is enough to buy 3600 T2 Alpha Shards. Usually we will open 2 Map 6 crystals. Maybe once or twice a month we will get 1000 T2 Alpha shards.

    So, lets just do the math...

    144,000 T2 Alpha Shards to R4 a Five Star. At an average of Liberally 4000 T2 Alpha Shards per week (Assuming you use Glory for NOTHING ELSE) equals 36 WEEKS TO R4 A 5 STAR. THAT IS 9 MONTHS And like I said, this assumes we NEVER use Glory for the other things we need like T4B or T4Class Shards.
  • I see your point,but i believe 5* should remain difficult to acquire as well as rank up.I think the addition of 6* isn't meant to make 5* the new 4* etc.. yes it might eventually happen...but if we keep a significant difficulty on acquiring and levelling up 5* (and possibly make it even harder for 6*..sounds tough but has to be this way) then 4* might retain some of their value and there might be future in this game...if we just make 5* availability like 4* then in a years time we will be in the same place we are now adding 7*....I hope you can see what i am trying to say!Lastly that said,9 months is a bit rough i must admit.BTW you should add the T2 shards from daily crystals for the uncollected if I am not wrong though(I am not uncollected yet...but those targeting rank4 5* should be..)!
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    I am not asking for easy. Just a nice middle ground. 5 stars SHOULD be harder to rank up than 4 stars. I don't think that should or would ever change.

    The problem is, after your first two or maybe three R4 Five Stars, you could potentially be waiting 9 months to a year for the next one. There needs to be just a bit more availability to T2 Alpha shards than the current system. Possibly even the rare whole T2 Alpha drop. 5 stars can still retain their excusivity without the eternal wait to R4 or R5 them.
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    They did make it easier. They have offered several "deals" to purchase that will get you a few thousand t2alpha shards for several thousand units. Easy = $$$$
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