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Purgatory revamp concept- make her the mystic champ we need

XstinkshunXstinkshun Posts: 20
edited June 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
Purgatory initially intrigued me with the new power gain and soul mechanics, but she turned out to be a stylish mystic champ lacking basic power and buff control. Hope this fixes it.

Purgatory revamp

For 5* 5/65

HP and atk rating same.
Class souls work the same but last 4 fights.
Gain class souls by finishing opponent with any special (no soul shard mechanic).

Purgatory gains 1400 energy resistance.
Immune to bleed, incinerate and power burn effects.

Gain a bar of power over 9 seconds (no power gain will striking opponent or while getting struck)
When a bar of power is reached, activate demonic rage for 5 seconds, atk increase by 100%

Demonic rage:
- Gain 100% atk
- 5% chance to life steal the opponent every basic hit when you have atleast 2 souls captured.
- Last medium inflicts non-stacking incinerate debuff dealing 3000 damage over 20s and drains half a bar of your power.
- Incinerate debuff drains 1% of opponent's bar of power over the duration of the debuff.
- Drain additional 1% power per class soul captured (Max 5%).
- Incinerate fate seals the opponent.
- Once incinerate has expired, it goes on cooldown for 10s. (-1 second per soul captured).
- All specials are passively unblockable.

Drain a bar of power

Burn upto 2 bars of power and deal addition energy damage proportional to power burnt.
Inflict a degeneration passive dealing 7600 damage over 6 seconds.

Gain non-stacking power gain passive, gain 100% power over 36 seconds.
Deal 3% of opponent health per class soul captured (Max 4 souls). This can be prevented by damage caps or other factors.

Sig ability remains the same + additional energy resistance (1000 - 3000 based on sig level).

All synergies remain the same.

Hope this does happen soon. I tried to make her a balanced as possible.
Thanks everyone who supports this post.


  • XstinkshunXstinkshun Posts: 20
    In demonic rage, along with 5% chace to life steal she also has 5% chance to power steal
  • XstinkshunXstinkshun Posts: 20
    No life steal, only power steal
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 3,086 ★★★★★
    "Yeah it's a failure just like Doctor Voodoo or Corvus or Quake or Sorcerer Supreme, etc. when they first got released... just terrible..."

    It's still way too early to make a proper review of her. I still haven't seen any game play videos from content creators or anybody else and you're literally the first person who's got a complaint about her since the preview bundle. If you are hoping for more damage output or ease-of-use, that's one thing and that argument could easily apply to many champs in the game but you have to stop looking for just straight pure destruction and think about utility and other aspects in which case we need time to learn all the ins and outs.
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