Kabam plz don’t release 7* in a rush

I know that 7* is the tread when the game is progressing to 6*rank 4. I bet the first rank 4 will be seen at the end of this year. With that being said, I’m a little worried about the release of 7 star champs. Personally I don’t really wanna see that, at least don’t wanna see that too fast. At least when everybody is tired of 6* rank 5 or sth. Cos I don’t wanna get frustrated and experience the agony of getting trash again and again. My 6 star roster has been through a lot pain to grow up like this. Some ppl say they’re gonna quit if the game has 7* but I don’t think it’s serious just like ppl are complaining about arena but they’re still doing it. What I mean is let us cherish the 6 star roster which takes us a lot of effort to get and don’t let 6 stars become 5 stars that fast. What do you think of 7 star release guys?

Kabam plz don’t release 7* in a rush 24 votes

I’d like to see 7 stars ASAP
AouxWouxmew3Reecespieces101Predatordan 4 votes
I’d like to see 7 stars when 6/65 is available
AjisdopeAckbar67Raichu626MysterioMarvel2289AndreaCose40BollandAmnetiesTopgunDeder80Blumladen 11 votes
I hate to see 7 stars
RenaxqqReal_Madrid_76_2AlbinoDarkElfLeichterlowe 4 votes
No please no kabam
yossMqc19FluffyPigMonsterKaiz_1TheBoogyMan 5 votes


  • PrentexPrentex Posts: 158
    I think it would be better to add another rank to 6 stars, so you can get them to rank 6/75
    But only after 6 star rank 5 is something a wide range of players have, so not anytime soon...
  • TopgunTopgun Posts: 88
    I’d like to see 7 stars when 6/65 is available
    Not for another two years probably. They need to make maxed out 6* a thing and somewhat like rank threes right now before they add them. But knowing kabam, they'll release them next week lmao
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