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Sooo I tried contacting kabam support about this and after having me speak to 3 different people, they didn't say that they were worried about this and just told me the old uninstall and reinstall. But the real issue here is in any fight in any game mode of the game be it alliance quest or alliance war, the event quest, arena... there are spots where if your champ is standing they do not hold their block or continue their combo. For example just today I was mid fight in aq against voodoo in map 5 fighting with a 5* r3 guilly I was 2 hits into a combo and she stopped hitting, tried dodging back and she stood there. Voodoo recovered from those 2 hits and hit me with 5 hit combo a special 1 (which I managed to dodge because who's combo had moved me out of the dead spot, but as I went in to counter his attacks my champ stood there and ended up taking another combo, after which, of course, she was K.O.'ed. This has been happening more and more after the 14.0 update, and I waited till now the 15.1 update hoping that kabam would fix it. But no they left it there. So here we are...


  • Same here. It's so bad I don't even want to play anymore. I'm just doing aq and aw. I have stopped grinding. The game isn't fun with these bugs. The game mechanics are a must fix. I'very started playing final fantasy 15.
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    The champions are not responding well! sometimes they just stood there and take a hit! After this scheduled maintenance the problem got worse!!!
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    @Kabam Miike can you please investigate this problem thanks
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  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 490
    I've noticed block also not working
    And parry not triggering
    If I recall before this update I could parry at fight start
    That was a sure thing but now all I get is block damage no parry
  • It doesn't happen super often, but often enough. My champs will get 2 or 3 or 4 hits of a combo off, then just stop and stand there waiting to be hit. It happened twice with Hulk against Dormammu boss in AQ map 5. It happens on both my tablet and phone (running different versions of android), it happens with a large number of champs but especially the female ones with the same moveset as SW/Storm/etc. and against all opponents in all aspects of the game (AQ, AW, quests and arena). This is a huge issue and it needs to be resolved.
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    Not too often but that's a big problem when it comes to AQ and AW
  • issues with female moveset I have noticed too, causes freezing and I even had the AI teleport forward , the first kicks whiffed and then last couple kicks hit after AI moved forward halfway though the heavy.
  • seriously after maintenance my champ punches the air instead of dashback sometimes, just got me destroyed against boss in aq, WTF
  • I used to get Parry off the first hit of the fight, now the block doesn’t fight and I get a 5 hit combo to start every 3rd fight.
    I did switch back to evading but again about a third of the time it doesn’t respond, so I just stand there taking a 5 hit combo.
    Please just acknowledge it and sort it out.
  • Today I was in a fight - Day 4 - Map 5 - fighting Cyclops in the last section with my 5/50 SW sig 99 - and for some reason I was not allowed to back up - which means, no evade? I could block, I could parry but it wouldn't let me backup. As you can probably guess... I got smoked. The last few days of AQ, Kabam "turns down" the crit rates (BS if you think otherwise) so SW wasn't proc'ing many of her abilities so taking a few L1's and L2's even while blocking took me down. I'm already to a point where I don't grind anymore, I do AQ and AW only, along with some of the alliance based events so I can contribute to my alliance - but my alliance is really the only reason I'm still here. This game has changed, its full of bugs, many of which I believe are intentional by Kabam to introduce ways for them to make more money. I've already set a personal timeline for my exit from this game.... It sucks, been playing for two years now and I enjoy the game... but I refuse to spend another dime on this game unless some drastic changes show up.
  • seriously after maintenance my champ punches the air instead of dashback sometimes, just got me destroyed against boss in aq, WTF

    This right here is my problem... had random dash attacks 3 times in AQ. If this happens in normally questing or arena, you can recover easily and usually a stack of pots you've accumulated, not so in AQ or AW.

    And for the very first time, I had a random dash attack work in my favour, was in arena when X-23 suddenly launched forward intercepting a heavy, I took the cue to combo off the intercept. On almost all other occasions, I would expect to take that heavy in the face.
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    Same here . Master event math. Hard fight= your controls don’t work . There has to be a better way to make fights harder besides turning our first sting QB into 4th sting water boy . Come on kabam time to step it up this is awful I have seen no positive change in game play after hotfix, if anything I feel gameplay is worse by far.
  • same here specially in hard content my hyperion started automatique fight today in aq and i was killed by a damn rocket rackon this is going too far
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