LF 2, 554x5AQ 1-2 Bag AW

We are a newer alliance running 554 with modifiers (master and heroic map 5 and currently normal for map4), nearly 100% clear each day (day 1 hiccup corrected with adjustment to bags) usually 100% with 7hrs to spare so we like to move quickly, current plan is to run 1-2 bags AW during season so not mandatory. Line is a requirement, if interested I can be reached on Line at Baroids or in game at Flamma


  • FlammaFlamma Posts: 23
    We are looking more for those players that can handle Map 5
  • FlammaFlamma Posts: 23
    Still looking, current AQ we are sitting at 178 mill and looking to improve, AW ranking is unknown as it’s a new crew since last season
  • FlammaFlamma Posts: 23
    Looking for 1 map 5 player
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