7x5 P3 Alliance LF > 5-10 members

Hello all!

We are looking for at least 4-5 players to up to a readymade BG in a bid to overhaul the alliance to push for consistent 7x5 finishes and Plat3 rewards!

To streamline the people who apply, we would prefer if prestige average of your group would be around 11k. If anything lower, it can be worked on. And of course, we are looking for some form of experience with the goals that we are aligned to

If this is a fit for you, please do drop me a message on LINE. ID : vydra1

US timezones are preferred. Other zones can be discussed on a case by case basis too!


  • VydraVydra Posts: 27
  • Ary_BeastAry_Beast Posts: 32
    Hey, I have 10k prestige. Add me on LINE - Zenfighter360
    I have been in High Plat 4 allys in the past, hit sub P3 once.
    Let me know.
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