Ambiguous Node Descriptions

EtaanEtaan Posts: 3
edited June 9 in Suggestions and Requests
It would be really helpful if Kabam spent the day or two required to update the older node descriptions to a standard format. They seem to be getting steadily better at indicating who is impacted by the modification and if it is passive. It does, however, make the poorly worded ones stand out.

With just a super quick scan I see that Aspect of Genesis and True Strike use Attacker/Defender; Strike Back uses "this enemy"; and Feats of Power, Martial Mastery, and Enhanced Fury don't say who is impacted at all. This can be especially confusing in AW and with more elaborate nodes. Poison and Direct Damage don't say if the effect is passive or not.

It seems like this is a great opportunity to see a big improvement with very little effort.
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