T5cc in AW rewards

The same color crystals have been used in different parts of the game to denote different %s of T5cc. Can someone verify what those values are for each of the new rewards tiers?


  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 2,118 ★★★★
    Yup, 2/5/10% are all identical in appearance
  • BlôdletterBlôdletter Posts: 187
    If you mean those for golds and P4, I think its 10%. P3 gets 2x25%, and crystals for P4 are 4, so I'm guessing those will be 10% as it fits to plat t5cc rewards
  • MunchFlobMunchFlob Posts: 86
    We shouldn’t have to guess though. They should tell us what the rewards are.

    My guess would be those Plat 4 crystals are 5% rather than 10% otherwise the rewards would be too close to those for a Plat 3 which is way harder to achieve.
    Plat 4 is quite a sizeable bracket compared to those above. That is where the rewards should really start to drop off.
  • Ben93Ben93 Posts: 66
    So Kabam didn't react about this question and about people complaining that P2/P3 is a huge slap in their faces ?
    Great communication skill again Kabam !
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