Disorient reduces Archangel's ability accuracy

ChikelChikel Posts: 1,230 ★★★
Against Mephisto boss in Langurian Rifts - Basement in legendary level, while I have disorient, parry doesn't always work. The parry text pops up but Mephisto isn't stunned. I was using Archangel who is supposed to be immune to ability accuracy reduction from the disorient. Below is a video showing that. Apologies for the crappy gameplay, my phone lags while recording.

Device: Umidigi A7 Pro
OS: Android 10
Game version: 31.1.1
Mobile or wifi: Mobile data
Carrier: Glo NG
Quest: Langurian rifts: basement - Legendary difficulty
Boosts: None
Nodes: (Don't remember, I'm sure you guys can check that)


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