Superior Iron Man... the possibilities...

I was once really up to date on comics, especially Marvel. Playing Contest introduced me to a few characters I had no idea existed.

Superior Iron Man was one of them. In game he is a less desirable champ to have. I wanted to know more about this character since this was my first time knowing his "existence"

I won't go into a long diatribe but from what I have seen of this armor's origins and abilities in comic canon... the in game character pales in comparison.

With the influx of buffs and overhauls to champions in the contest, I hope you guys entertain the idea of fully delving into what the Superior Iron Man armor is and having that as the blueprint for an awesome update

Thanks for any consideration and also I think for future buffs to any champ just simply make them more true to where they came from... the "books"


  • Definitely a lot of possibilities with the character’s abilities and animations since the armour is basically a symbiote and can grow into a hulkbuster
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